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Christmas presents and other news

I know it’s been a little while since I last posted, sorry. Things have been pretty busy in the studio recently and as if it wasn’t enough already, I decided to make all my Christmas presents this year.

I can’t show you anything just yet as images would contain spoilers for the people on the receiving end, but I can show you this:


Sixteen homemade presents carefully wrapped and ready to be put under the Christmas tree and five birthday presents (not pictured). So twenty-one presents in total!

By now I think I know what it feels like to be an elf in Father Christmas’s workshop.

And yes, I have been eating chocolate – I find it makes the wrapping phase more bearable, especially towards the end.

I am sure that you really want to see what is in those packets, and you will in due time!

To make the wait more tolerable, I leave you with some images of two of my latest commissions (since they are not a secret anymore) including pictures of the work in progress.


For the first commission I was asked to create an illustration using things that are very personal to my client’s boyfriend and herself. The result is a very unique and quirky piece. I love that it is so personal that only them and maybe a select few will understand what this illustration is about!


The second illustration was commissioned to celebrate my client’s nephew’s first birthday. I was asked to make the family look toddler-friendly, like the people on the train that I drew for Templar Publishing. I was sent a few photos to work from showing the parents and their little boy from different angles. One of the photos had trees with gorgeous red leaves in the background which I decided to use for the background of my illustration.



Dragon Ball Z revisited

Aaaah! Dragon Ball Z! This anime TV series brings back so many memories…

I was playing with watercolour inks the other day and randomly ended up with this!

Dragonball Z_revisited

(Inspiration: the little ‘girls’ of illustrator Cécile Hudrisier)

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

© 2016 Camille Medina

© 2016 Camille Medina

I recommend you follow this piece of advice as it feels real good!

Exhilarating on some Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj but also works on any kind of music.

Come on people, it’s 2016! Have some fun!

(*Wishing I had the same dress as the one I drew!)