I’ve been baking quite a bit lately and that inspired me to create this pattern.



W.I.P. – Tea time

Today I have been working on some new tea-themed patterns. Although I am generally quite happy with the patterns themselves, there is still some work to do at the colour level in order to create a collection.

Here is what I’ve got so far.

Artwork featured on Print & Pattern

Today the great news I got was that my work was featured on Print & Pattern! I am so thrilled again!




I am so thrilled and so proud of myself today!

Back in December (2015) I entered the Make it in Design scholarship in association with Print & Pattern. According to the Make it in Design website, they received over 200 entries! And I have just seen that my ‘Walk in The Woods’ pattern got me in the Top 50! Hooray!

I didn’t win but this is definitely something to celebrate! And congratulations to the winners! 🙂

My ‘Walk in The Woods’ pattern:

Walk in the woods_72dpi

© 2015 Camille Medina

Is this pattern week for me?

I don’t know… maybe it’s because I am a bit ill that I find them so nice to design this week. I would even say almost therapeutic in a way. Very much like colouring books. And they are fun to make. Anyway enough blabla, here are the new additions to this week’s collection:

© 2015 Camille Medina

© 2015 Camille Medina

A pattern that I made today and now also available on Society6. I might get myself a pillow!

A little bit of fun

It’s the end of the week and as a consequence I’m going a bit experimental today.


Have a nice weekend! 🙂