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Christmas presents and other news

I know it’s been a little while since I last posted, sorry. Things have been pretty busy in the studio recently and as if it wasn’t enough already, I decided to make all my Christmas presents this year.

I can’t show you anything just yet as images would contain spoilers for the people on the receiving end, but I can show you this:


Sixteen homemade presents carefully wrapped and ready to be put under the Christmas tree and five birthday presents (not pictured). So twenty-one presents in total!

By now I think I know what it feels like to be an elf in Father Christmas’s workshop.

And yes, I have been eating chocolate – I find it makes the wrapping phase more bearable, especially towards the end.

I am sure that you really want to see what is in those packets, and you will in due time!

To make the wait more tolerable, I leave you with some images of two of my latest commissions (since they are not a secret anymore) including pictures of the work in progress.


For the first commission I was asked to create an illustration using things that are very personal to my client’s boyfriend and herself. The result is a very unique and quirky piece. I love that it is so personal that only them and maybe a select few will understand what this illustration is about!


The second illustration was commissioned to celebrate my client’s nephew’s first birthday. I was asked to make the family look toddler-friendly, like the people on the train that I drew for Templar Publishing. I was sent a few photos to work from showing the parents and their little boy from different angles. One of the photos had trees with gorgeous red leaves in the background which I decided to use for the background of my illustration.



Bedtime sketches

These little guys came to say goodnight while I was sketching in bed last night!

2016-01-26 09.35.57

© 2016 Camille Medina

2016-01-26 09.37.05

© 2016 Camille Medina

My mind at work


Today (meaning 15 minutes ago) I had a very good example of how my mind works and I thought I would share that with you guys.

This post is for everybody who has ever asked me how I find inspiration/what inspires me or has thought of the question and never asked.


So I am sitting at my desk looking towards the window and this is what I see.



Do you notice anything?


Okay, here is a clue. This is what caught my attention:



At that point I rolled my eyes because I HAD TO draw what I was seeing and not let it go to waste (meaning I had to get up and grab my sketchbook).

Still following? So from the reflection in my window I drew this:

© 2015 Camille Medina

© 2015 Camille Medina

Now if you really want to know what inspired me… Well, today it was the reflection of that:



Pugs… tiny, ugly, yet fun

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

I am not personally what you could call a ‘pug lover’. They breathe loudly, they drool – although you could argue that most dogs do – and they’re freakin’ ugly (no offence if you own a pug or like them). But one of my flatmates does love them to a point that is close to obsession. And it was his birthday a few days ago… So the theme for his birthday card was quite obvious really. A pug.

I have to admit that although I don’t like them it was a fun card to work on. And after several minutes spent drawing them they become sort of cute. Sort of.

Woof! (that is ‘Enjoy‘ in pug language)

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

Black & White

Freshly back from my holiday, I thought it was time to post something new.

One of the things I like about drawing while on holidays is that after a few days I feel more relaxed and as a result I am more impulsive and more likely to try things that I have never done before. I just think less and sometimes thinking less is good. I really like the brightness of white pen on black paper and I had been wanting to draw on black paper for a while so I bought a sketchbook with black pages and here is some of what I did.

(Click on any image to make it bigger and view in a slideshow)

Drawing Elephants

I don’t know if it’s because I was having a ‘special relationship’ with my nose yesterday (for those of you who didn’t see yesterday’s post, I’ve got a cold – it is getting better now though) but I started drawing elephants.



There are less sketches on a page because elephants are bigger than foxes (see my post entitled ‘Fox Frenzy‘). I had to switch to a different, bigger sketchbook.


As you can see I did my usual thing of looking at a version of the subject that I like (here Elmer the elephant – top of the first page), sketching from the photo of a real subject and finally developing my own version.

A quick scan of a preparatory sketch for the main character of one of the new children’s books I am working on. I am still working mainly in pencil at this stage but today I though I would try a bit of colour.

Still a lot of work to do, but having fun so far!

Katy - Preparatory sketch