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Make a wish

I want to be a unicorn_Camille Medina

This is another one of my Paperjam entries!

Who has never dreamed of being someone they’re not?

Well little sprout, just so you know I do love you (even more so with butter)!


Paperjam Competition


It’s been one of those weeks that gets very busy and goes really fast, so my apologies for my absence this week. For my defence – I do feel a bit guilty hence the urge to justify myself – I have been volunteering at the Spark Children’s Art festival, that is running until tomorrow in Leicester. See, I was doing something good!


Lilmen Celebrating_fb

I have just submitted four illustrations to Ohh Deer’s Paperjam competition ! Feel free to go have a look (you will know which ones are mine because it says “by Camille” at the bottom), vote for me if you like my work or just enjoy all the great illustrations that have been submitted! And don’t hesitate to share with your friends!

I hope you enjoy what you see, there’s a lot of great stuff on there! Thank you if you vote for me, no offence taken if you don’t.

I’ll be back next week with some new work to show you.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and take care! 🙂