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I am so thrilled and so proud of myself today!

Back in December (2015) I entered the Make it in Design scholarship in association with Print & Pattern. According to the Make it in Design website, they received over 200 entries! And I have just seen that my ‘Walk in The Woods’ pattern got me in the Top 50! Hooray!

I didn’t win but this is definitely something to celebrate! And congratulations to the winners! 🙂

My ‘Walk in The Woods’ pattern:

Walk in the woods_72dpi

© 2015 Camille Medina


The Pattern Challenge

Hi everyone,

I recently challenged myself to create more patterns in order to diversify my portfolio and show a different set of skills. The challenge was to create one pattern a day for a week. It went pretty well until I was given some work with a deadline for the end of the week so I had to cheat a little and I did only four instead of the planned five. You have seen my ‘Candy Weather‘ design already; here are the other ones I came up with:

In the Sky


Walk in the Woods


Elephant Baby Patterns in:

Charcoal //

Mocha //

Tangerine //

Pop //