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Creating a pattern collection

For ages I wanted to create a collection of patterns (by ‘collection’ understand a family of patterns that work together in terms of theme and colour) and I got the extra push I needed when I read about the latest UPPERCASE competition.

I finally made some time for it since to take part you had to be able to submit between 5 and 8 patterns that worked well together, which is a lot more than I normally create.

I ended up creating two collections of four designs:

Autumn Flowers


and Walk In The Meadow


If I had to sum up the process I followed, I would say that I made three key creative choices when I designed these two collections:

  1. I chose my theme: back when the competition was taking place, I wanted to draw flowers. Lots of them!
  2. I chose a limited colour palette: for these patterns I decided that three colours (and their hues) worked best. I was in a mood for soft, almost vintagey colours so I chose a soft blue/pink, a golden yellow and white as my key colours.
  3. I set the tone and decided to be bold: I liked how some of the flowers looked when they were really big so I decided that for these two collections I was going to work with two bigger designs, one intricate/slightly more complex design and a supporting, very simple one.

Most importantly, I tried to be free and have fun in the process.

And part of the fun was to see my patterns applied to products! (Unfortunately I didn’t win the UPPERCASE competition; but it didn’t stop me!)

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I’ve been baking quite a bit lately and that inspired me to create this pattern.