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Book Covers

Our task for last week was to choose a book title and by using typography and colour only, to offer the reader an impression of the content – or put differently, to give the reader the opportunity to judge the book by its cover.
I chose Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and below you can follow the evolution of my book cover:
Although I really like the style of this cover, it is maybe a bit dark for Alice in Wonderland. Maybe for a Halloween/horror version?

The colours on this cover are more ‘appropriate’ and relate more to Alice. You can recognise the blue dress, the white apron and the black shoes. I really liked this version but unfortunately, the rings in the background that I placed there to create contrast between the background and the title really looked like the rabbit hole. Although my intention wasn’t to create an illustration (we were not allowed to use imagery) the rings were associated so strongly with the rabbit hole that they had become an illustration despite themselves, and as a consequence my work had been made… out of brief.
Goodbye rings! On this new version, the title is enlarged and the word ‘wonderland’ extends beyond the edges of the cover on both sides to convey the concept of growth, which is one of the major themes in the book.
Another similar version where ‘Alice’ has been enlarged… a bit too much to my taste. It was worth trying to see, but I prefer the previous version.
Finally, here is another version where the title, at the bottom of the cover, suggests Alice falling in the rabbit hole.
I developed many more versions than what I am showing here and what I actually found tricky was to know when to stop; when a version is good enough. But it was great fun and overall I really enjoyed this activity! I found the experimentation side of things very interesting and I liked seeing the transformation of the cover. It is amazing how sometimes, what looks like a tiny change can convey a completely different feel or different ideas!

Imaginary Road Signs

Another exercise that comes from my Graphic Design course at Central Saint Martins. I quite enjoyed that!



Here you can see my personal logo.
A new one in the family. This logo was originally designed about two months ago and will soon be on t-shirts! (I will upload pictures.)
One of my creations for my Graphic Design course. We had to choose a profession and design a logo for it. Later on we added text to the logo (apis is the Latin for ‘bee’).