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Designing characters

During the past couple of weeks I have been designing koala characters for a course* that I am currently taking.

I followed a process that you are already familiar with if you have read my ‘Fox Frenzy‘ post:

1) Sketching from photos


The result of those sketches can get a bit messy but I don’t care! I’m looking for what makes a koala a koala.

2) Still sketching: Taking the bits you like and slowly creating a character

Koala_preparatory sketches_faces

3) Refined versions: the characters are born!

Koala character design_taken out

I didn’t think the koala characters above were cute enough for what I wanted (although I like the funny side of the one at the bottom, ready to get his brushes) so I drew another round.

Koala character design_shortlist

My personal favourite is the last one (bottom right).

Which one do you like best?


* Recently, I started a short online course offered by Taught by A Pro. It is quite a new site offering a selection of short illustration and animation courses, all taught by artists with decades of professional experience (some of them have even worked on Disney films!) at an inexpensive price. So far I am really enjoying myself!