Why I am an illustrator

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Hi everyone,

As per a recent post on my Instagram I wanted to come back on some of the reasons why I became an illustrator in the first place.

I love to draw, that’s a fact.

But loving to draw doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to draw professionally. If it had been just about loving to draw I could have carried on what I was doing before and drawn in my free time like I have been doing – like – forever.

No. I became an illustrator because I love to draw AND because I want to move people with my art.

I want to make you smile, I want to make you laugh, I want to give you a short mental break from your daily life.

And I want to be one of those people who sets an example and inspires you to follow whatever path you choose because everything is possible.

“You can do anything you set your mind to.” (Benjamin Franklin)

So be free! And have a lovely Friday!


Beware of the wolf


If you are having a birthday party, beware of the wolf. I heard he is on the lookout for unattended birthday cake and he strikes fast!

London Book Fair – Day 3

So today was the last day at the London Book Fair…

If I had to sum up today using just one word I think I would choose ‘fun’. People were noticeably more relaxed and were cracking jokes here and there in pretty much every seminar I attended today; and although a lot of people were still doing business the whole atmosphere of the show seemed changed somehow.

Today’s highights for me were Beth Gardiner’s talk on how Disney Junior take books to tv, the conversation between Francisco Hinijosa and Anthony Browne (both children’s illustators and authors) sharing their experience, and catching up with my illustrator friend Yuval Zommer.

Thanks LBF and see you in 2016!

London Book Fair – Day 2

I had a bit of an exciting day at the London Book Fair today: it started with the LBF Illustrators Session where I showed my portfolio to the lovely Strawberrie Donnelly (who is Art Director for Picture Books and Pre-School at Scholastic). She gave me some very useful feedback which I intend to use to improve my artwork (and hopefully it will help in getting a publishing contract!).

After that I had lunch in the sun (again!) and then I spent the rest of the afternoon attending more interesting  seminars and talking to publishing companies.

By the end of day 2 my shoulder is starting to ache though: catalogues and other bochures can get heavy. That being said, it’s a good workout!

Back at the LBF tomorrow for the third and last day of the show.


London Book Fair 2015 – Day 1

It’s that time of the year again! The London Book Fair is back!

It was a bit difficult at times to make my way among the crowd but apart from that, what a lovely day it was! Both inside Kensington Olympia where I attended some very interesting seminars and outside where I enjoyed the sun at lunchtime.

Sunny lunch

Me enjoying the sun.

Day 2 promises to be a very busy day as I will be attending the LBF Illustrators’ Afternoon as well as a few more seminars.

To be continued…