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Elmer Day 2018

When I was a little girl I had an Elmer book which was one of my favourite books in the whole world. Elmer is colourful. Elmer is fun. Elmer is kind…

Elmer taught me that it was okay to be different, something that I only really understood much, much later.

So Elmer is one of my all-time heroes even after all this time.

This is why when I heard that Elmer Day was coming, I HAD TO draw and paint him.


Happy Elmer Day everyone!

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

Sometimes it can be really fun taking the ‘old classics’ and trying to see how far you can push them. Of course you will have recognised my elephant design… here with a colourful twist!

Happy Wednesday people!

Before / After

The other day I was looking at the illustrations in my ‘animal series’ (you know, the fox, the bear, the giraffe, etc.) and I couldn’t help thinking that despite the fact that I liked them the bear and the elephant didn’t seem to fit completely in the family. A few days later I met with an illustrator friend and she told me that she felt the same way about them.

I didn’t need to think any further and went back to work to see how I could make them fit in the family.

Here is the before/after result. Which versions do you prefer?

1) Bear

Bear 3500x5000 Bear2


2) Elephant

Elephant 3500x5000 Image


Thank you for sharing your opinion! 🙂


It is an elephant that has joined my Animal Series this time.


This is it for this week. I will hopefully be back next week with more artwork to share with you.

In the meantime, whatever you do and wherever you are keep smiling and enjoy yourself! Have a good weekend!

Drawing Elephants

I don’t know if it’s because I was having a ‘special relationship’ with my nose yesterday (for those of you who didn’t see yesterday’s post, I’ve got a cold – it is getting better now though) but I started drawing elephants.



There are less sketches on a page because elephants are bigger than foxes (see my post entitled ‘Fox Frenzy‘). I had to switch to a different, bigger sketchbook.


As you can see I did my usual thing of looking at a version of the subject that I like (here Elmer the elephant – top of the first page), sketching from the photo of a real subject and finally developing my own version.