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Dragon Ball Z revisited

Aaaah! Dragon Ball Z! This anime TV series brings back so many memories…

I was playing with watercolour inks the other day and randomly ended up with this!

Dragonball Z_revisited

(Inspiration: the little ‘girls’ of illustrator Cécile Hudrisier)


Axolotl 2.0


Watercolour is fun.

Axolotls are fun.


(Drawing and painting technique inspiration: Cécile Hudrisier)

Bubble gum

Bubble Gum

© 2016 Camille Medina

Now you may get back to what you were doing before you ended up here.

Have a good day!


File 12-05-2016, 14 52 12

© 2016 Camille Medina

I recently drew this illustration to support the #3000chairs movement.

More chairs by various illustrators here.

And this is where you go if you want to add your contribution.

I’m back, and so are the flowers!

I am back from my holiday in France! (Yes, even creative people need a break every now and then!)

I hope you had a nice couple of weeks and that you didn’t miss me too much – although I do hope you missed me a little. Cheeky, I know.

To help me get back on track, today I have this very simple illustration to share with you. It is inspired from all the budding and flowering trees all around us.



© 2016 Camille Medina


I have been drawing people (well… mostly women) more lately. Everything is an excuse to draw. Even a definition from the dictionary!


© 2016 Camille Medina

© 2015 Camille Medina

© 2015 Camille Medina

A pattern that I made today and now also available on Society6. I might get myself a pillow!