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More good news this week: my new illustrated Frozen Bananas recipe is 1 of 4 recipes in the Featured Collection They Draw & Cook just posted on their home page!

The collection is called “Frozen!” and will be featured from Monday 25th of January to Monday 1st of February.




After a long absence on Illustration Friday I finally did my comeback last night. The theme for the week was ‘moon’.


Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Is this pattern week for me?

I don’t know… maybe it’s because I am a bit ill that I find them so nice to design this week. I would even say almost therapeutic in a way. Very much like colouring books. And they are fun to make. Anyway enough blabla, here are the new additions to this week’s collection:

© 2015 Camille Medina

© 2015 Camille Medina

A pattern that I made today and now also available on Society6. I might get myself a pillow!

I don’t know about where you live but here in London the sun is out and it’s getting warmer (hooray!). People are wearing nice, bright colours again and so is this flamingo!