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‘Up’ my way

  1. Paint watercolour dots
  2. Realise that they look like balloons: add strings
  3. Draw house at the bottom of said strings
  4. Realise that it looks just like the house in the Pixar film Up





Splish Splosh

Il pleut, il mouille

C’est la fête à la grenouille

Il pleut il fait pas beau

C’est la fête à l’escargot

In this kind of weather I can’t help singing the nursery rhymes of my childhood and they are obviously in French (sorry folks!).

Here is something everyone can understand though:






Which puddle would you want to jump into?

(Inspiration: Cécile Hudrisier)


File 12-05-2016, 14 52 12

© 2016 Camille Medina

I recently drew this illustration to support the #3000chairs movement.

More chairs by various illustrators here.

And this is where you go if you want to add your contribution.

I’m back, and so are the flowers!

I am back from my holiday in France! (Yes, even creative people need a break every now and then!)

I hope you had a nice couple of weeks and that you didn’t miss me too much – although I do hope you missed me a little. Cheeky, I know.

To help me get back on track, today I have this very simple illustration to share with you. It is inspired from all the budding and flowering trees all around us.



© 2016 Camille Medina