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Update and Paper Cutting

Hi everyone!

First, a quick update: with September came a lot of work and (potentially) some exciting news (more on this in another post – I’m such a teaser, I know!). Lots of new ideas too: I went to the Autumn Fair in Birmingham at the beginning of the week and as well as seeing a lot of lovely things, this day out of the studio enabled me to reflect on my work and to come up with new ideas for things I want to do. I am sure that in the next few weeks some of my dormant doodles will come to life again so watch out for these!

And now, here is what you’ve all been waiting for:


I wanted to try something new and paper cutting sounded fun. I half regretted my decision when I had to make the braces but then I was fine again when I painted the icing stains on this little guy’s face!

Have a good weekend!