More good news this week: my new illustrated Frozen Bananas recipe is 1 of 4 recipes in the Featured Collection They Draw & Cook just posted on their home page!

The collection is called “Frozen!” and will be featured from Monday 25th of January to Monday 1st of February.



The Return of the Frozen Bananas Recipe

If you remember, back in 2014 I illustrated the recipe for frozen bananas. Almost two years later I revisited my recipe and came up with two new versions.

Which one’s your favourite?

Back in 2014

Frozen Bananas

© 2014 Camille Medina

Same “ingredients”, different solutions: 2016

Frozen bananas_recipeB

© 2016 Camille Medina


Frozen bananas_recipeV2

© 2016 Camille Medina

Leon & Lola, and their recipe!

At last, Leon and Lola are proud to present their dark chocolate chip recipe!

© 2015 Camille Medina

© 2015 Camille Medina

They advise to experiment with the baking time since every oven is different but as a general rule, taking them out before they are golden brown will give you soft cookies whereas leaving them a bit longer will result in crunchy cookies (Lola’s favourites!).

Have fun making them!!!

Frozen Bananas Recipe

To celebrate the temperatures going up again, here is an illustrated recipe that I had fun working on and maybe even more fun trying!

With this one you don’t have to worry too much about calories, or whether it is healthy or not because it IS!


© 2014 Camille Medina

© 2014 Camille Medina

Avocado 3 ways

The other day I came across an online contest where you had to illustrate three recipes using the same core ingredient.

I thought I’d give it a try and it ended up being a really fun thing to do!

For those of you who are interested, the contest is running until Thursday 20th of March 2014 and can be found here.