Inktober 2016, 1-6

Inktober is back and I decided to give it a try!

Inktober is a drawing challenge that takes place every year in – wait for it – October (mind-blowing, I know!). The only rule: 31 days – 31 ink drawings. Every one can do it and you even have lighter options if the full challenge seems a bit daunting.

Here is the official list of themes for the 2016 edition:


I don’t think I will be posting my Inktober drawings on here every day and might only do a weekly update but I might change my mind so we’ll see. However, I will be posting them every day on Instagram so if you are very eager to see what I came up with, have a look on there too!

For now, I present to you my Inhtober drawings 1 to 6!








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