I <3 Streatham

Hey everyone!

Long time no speak! The main reasons: as usual work deadlines and also, I got ill (I feel better now though in case you are wondering – if not, well now you know anyway).

I recently spent quite a great deal of time working on an illustration for the Prize for Illustration 2015, and I thought I would write a quick post to show you what I entered with. Some of you will ask me why Streatham? Well, the theme was London Places and Spaces and entrants were invited to illustrate their interpretation of a London place or space, whether iconic or lesser known, all in a single image. I think Streatham is one of those places with a great sense of community and I spend quite a lot of time there these days. That’s why. It’s got history, great parks, interesting plans for the future and even a forest! (not kidding – a forest, in London!)

Wish me luck and enjoy the main stages of the process!

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014



One thought on “I <3 Streatham

  1. Tanja

    Hey Camille, haven’t stopped by in a while but LOVE your TFL entry, it’s beautiful and so full of energy. Lucky friends too, receiving personalised cards which are so charming and made with care and love.


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