Character personality and colours

In a way, this post is a bit of a follow-up to my Designing Characters post.

As you can imagine, in most cases characters don’t stay in black and white. They get coloured in.

I was working on a personal project yesterday and I thought that it would be nice to show an example of how different colours or colour combinations can change a character.

Let’s use what I did yesterday!

First thing first, here is our character. At the moment she is called ‘the lady’ but will probably be renamed something else later. It doesn’t matter for now. What’s important for now is that this character is a joyful, happy lady who wants to spread happiness in her neighbourhood.

© Camille Medina 2014

© Camille Medina 2014

Because she is joyful and loves colourful things I imagined a colourful outfit for her. For some reason I was very specific about wanting her to wear a green cardigan and to have brown hair but other than that, I wasn’t sure about what other colours I wanted to use. That’s where a colouring test comes in handy: it enabled me to explore and play around with different colour combinations until I found something I liked.

As you can see, same lady – different colours – different personalities. For example, although the blue dress looks nice, it feels as if it is making the lady a slightly more shy, reserved person, which she isn’t. The pink dress, on the other hand, is looking a little bit too ‘little girl-y’ to my taste. I like the red dress a lot but I think the yellow dress and red wellies combination is even better (and on that version she has a green cardigan too!). The yellow dress has that open, friendly, sun-like feel that I want for the character so that’s the colour combination that I am going to use.

Doing all those tests was quite a fun process and I was amazed at how different colour combinations can change a character’s personality slightly. I mean. I already knew this was the case as it is part of the basics. But I never stop being amazed at that sort of things.

Colours do help define the personality of a character!


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