Fox Frenzy


Yesterday I posted an illustration representing a fox. The story behind that one illustration is that on Monday I had a fox phase, or rather fox frenzy since I spent the whole day being obsessed with foxes and a good hour sketching them frenetically – no kidding!

I don’t normally share much of my sketches since the perfectionist I am doesn’t like to show unfinished work, but I had a special request; after I mentioned that the fox on the finished illustration was one of many I was asked where the other foxes were. So here we are!

First sketchbook page

The first fox (at the top) is based on a photo. Then I started ‘converting’ fox photos into drawings, asking myself what makes a fox a fox.


I remembered a fox illustration that I really like by Doris Chang ( I like the simplicity and fluidity of her lines and I simply love the colours she used. So sketching quickly a few of Doris’s foxes to get my hand used to the style of the lines (bottom of page 1 and top of page 2) and there we go, it is time to start my second page of fox sketches!

Second sketchbook page

Trying a few poses; some work, some don’t. I am not working from photos or other people’s work anymore.

The lines are more simple which I like but my second to last fox (the one at the bottom right) looks a bit like a squirrel. Just enough room to sketch one last fox on this page but I don’t like it either so it’s time to start a third page!


Third sketchbook page

I take attributes from previous foxes that I liked better… Yes, I like these new ones better.

Okay, it’s good to know how to draw the back of a fox or a fox lying down but what happens if I want to show the legs? Time to sketch from a photo again (middle left).

Now that I know what the legs of a fox look like I can draw a walking fox (bottom right).


Technically, I was happy enough to stop there – after all, I had been drawing foxes for just over an hour. But that would be knowing me badly…

Fourth sketchbook page

And I couldn’t help but to carry on drawing foxes while I was having dinner. This time on a different sketchbook so no references but my memory.


I think my fox frenzy started to calm down when I started wondering whether I would remember how to draw a wolf from the studies I had done before I drew ‘Soeur Loup‘; and then I finished up with birds.

Finally, before I went to bed that day what do you think I did?

Yes, of course. I drew more foxes!

Fifth sketchbook page


After the last fox I drew (bottom right) I eventually put my pen down and went to bed.


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