I am being busy on an exciting new illustration project these days, which explains why I haven’t been posting new artwork everyday. However, I do love the Illustration Friday themes and I really wanted to get something done for it.

When I was younger I used to spend hours playing with the ‘Where’s Wally’ books, trying to spot Wally (obviously!) as well all the funny/unlikely elements in the illustrations. I guess there is a bit of that in this illustration.

I had a lot of fun drawing the different elements for this piece!


6 thoughts on “Space

  1. ©amille's land Post author

    Thanks! If you like the octopus here, you might like my post from Wednesday 19th of February 😉 I included the octopus in this illustration as a sort of private joke.

    1. ©amille's land Post author

      Hi Evelinn!
      Somehow, I am not surprised you like this one! 😉
      Thanks for the link, I had a look and it seems very interesting. I saved it in my Favourites!

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