Are you tired of the cold, unpredictable weather? Are you looking forward to spring and all the nice colours that the nature displays every year?
Here is a short blog for you then!
Spring is just around the corner now but you don’t have to wait for it to be there to look at the nice colours around you. If you need a little help to bring colour into your life, take a look at a website I really like called design seeds ( Whether you are redecorating your home, trying to choose colours for your website or blog, or making greeting cards design seeds offers you hundreds of colour palettes to look at and to take inspiration from. And if you just need a bit of colour in your life it works too!
The palettes are all associated with a photo and if you really like a colour and want to see what it looks like in combination with other colours all you have to do is click on the corresponding colour square in the “see similar colors” section on the right and tadaaaa! You get to a new page with new palette suggestions.
You can also search by colour and by theme and if you are a social media fan you can share your favourite palettes. 
This really is a fantastic tool!
I love browsing the site searching for colours I like and I have used it as a source of inspiration for the greeting cards I make as well as some logos I designed before.
I hope you check this website and enjoy the visit when you do. 
And do not forget: life in colour is so much more exciting!

2 thoughts on “Colours!

  1. Anonymous

    Hi there, Camille!Great idea with this website, thanks for sharing! Im dying to get some light in Vienna haha, it's been grey and cold and today it's even snowing! XD I hope the REAL spring comes soon:) hugs!


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