Welcome back!
This week I am going to talk to you about a blog called ‘The 11 Second Club’. It is a blog about animation (mainly 3D but 2D animators are welcome too) and it is full of resources that range from little tips to guest interviews. 
The great thing about that blog is that you can also take part in competitions. There is the main, monthly competition and the mini challenges that consist of a series of exercises. The way it works is that you are given a theme and you have two weeks (sometimes a bit longer) for the mini challenges / a month for the main challenges to come up with a short animation that you can then submit, or not – this part is up to you. If you decide to submit it, however, you can get critique and help to improve your work. And if you are lucky enough your video might be picked and featured on the 11 Second Club blog. My ‘Sneeze’ animation (see below) got featured in August 2011; you can imagine my excitement when I found out!
I really like using the themes given for the mini challenges when I lack inspiration. It’s a good way to get going and keep drawing. I love working on the different animations that become proper projects. They involve story-writing, storyboarding, researching (especially for references), and finally animating. Each project involves a fair bit of problem-solving too! Sometimes I don’t do the animation part. I know the goal of the mini challenges is to come up with an animation but as I said: I sometimes use the themes as drawing themes.
Before you take a look at some of my trials, here are some links that you should definitely check out if you want to take part in the competitions or simply use the themes to practise animating or even drawing.
The 11 Second Club blog –
And now I hope that you are ready (and awake) because some of my animations only last a couple of seconds!
The Sneeze, (August 2011) –
The Dive, (August 2011)
Spooky Movie, (November 2011) –
Ballympics, (July 2012) – 
Thank you for reading / watching, and see you back here soon!

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