Be Mobile

One day I was doing some Christmas shopping, I ended up in China town (in London) and in one of the shops I fell in love with a very simple yet super cute mobile. Guess what happened next? I didn’t buy it, no. It would have been too easy! I made one! It was a perfect birthday present for my dad.

If you want to make one too you need:
Beads or jingle bells – origami paper – some light thread – a needle – a fair amount of patience (the mobile is very easy to make but unless you are an origami master/addict, the cranes take a little while to make).

1) Make as many origami cranes as you want.
2) Once all your cranes are ready, start from the end of your mobile: tie the thread to a bead or jingle bell.
3) Get the thread through the crane that you decided would be your last one on the mobile.
4) Tie another bead/bell a few cms away from your first crane (which will be last on the mobile).
5) Get the thread through your next crane.
6) Repeat the process as many times as necessary.
7) Make a loop with the remaining thread.

Tadaaaa! You’re done!

(Summary: bead/bell – crane – bead/bell – crane, etc. – loop.)

I made my mobile with cranes but you can make it with any other origami animal or flower that you can think of, and you can combine them too. Why not make a ‘zoo mobile’ for your little cousin for example?
I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading and come again soon!



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