Where the journey begins…

As far as I remember, I have always been encouraged to be creative. And I have always liked it.
Like most children I used to spend a great deal of time drawing and scribbling. However, as some of us stop doodling as we grow older to focus on things like sports, games, music, friends, etc., my parents kept me and my sibblings in the habit of creating despite school and our other activities by forbidding us to buy presents. As a consequence, we had to come up with a new idea for every birthday, Mother’s, and Father’s Day; and we are five people in my family so after a few years you HAVE TO be creative to find new ideas that will still take their breath away! But I’ve always enjoyed it, happily accepting the challenge.
From there I also started making presents for my closest friends.
I remember drawing a lot of anime and cartoon characters for my sibblings too so they could hang them on the walls of their bedroom (free poster for them and good practice for me!).
And later on, when I came to London as an Erasmus student and was away from my family I started making cards that I would send them. 

This is where the journey began. A long time ago. It started anonymously and I was a lone traveller, only joined by my family and closest friends. Now I’m also inviting you to join me if you wish to share a bit of my journey. After all: the more the merrier!

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